Netflix's 'Dead to Me' Returns, 2020 Grads Are Honored & More Good Things That Happened This Week

A collection of positive happenings for your weekend.

dead to me

Everything around us is changing, but a need to hear the good stuff happening in society remains. Whether it's taking a few hours to lose yourself in a new Netflix release or appreciate an act of kindness, there's power in finding anything that heals. As another month of our new normal rages on, here's what's keeping us grounded.

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1 Season 2 of 'Dead to Me' Drops on Netflix
dead to me
Saeed Adyani / Netflix

If you fear even your streaming routine has grown stale while homebound, consider a few of Netflix's new releases. The Too Hot To Handle reunion will make you question your faith in humanity. Michelle Obama's emotional documentary Becoming will restore it. And a twisty second season of Dead to Me will leave you somewhere in the middle—but grant five blissful hours of uncomplicated escape.

2 91-Year-Old Does Backyard Fashion Shows During Quarantine

幸运飞艇信誉靠谱计划微信群A person whose quarantine routine is anything but tired? Georgia's Betty McDonald, a 91 year old style phenom who is holding fashion shows in her yard every day. "I mentioned to my caretaker that I sure miss getting dressed up," she told . McDonald uploads her daily struts to YouTube, brightening her followers' days and ensuring her own outlook remains "flashy."

3 A Cat Film Festival Will Raise Money For Indie Movie Theaters

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As any cat owner knows, living with a feline can feel like being in a high-stakes drama or roaring comedy (depending on the minute). Independent movie theaters are capitalizing on the undoubtedly golden at-home cat footage by announcing . Submit your best shelter-in-place cat videos and some will be edited together and set to music by Brian Mendelssohn, owner and manager of Pittsburgh's Row House Cinema. On June 19, people can virtually. Proceeds will go to across the country that have been forced to close during the pandemic.

4 Oprah Winfrey & Steven Spielberg Address 2020 Grads With Virtual Shoutouts

Graduating from high school or college looks a lot different this year. With in-person ceremonies cancelled, people are getting creative with commencement addresses. Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg surprised grads on a recent episode of John Krasinski's .

And virtual class of 2020 specials are planned with speakers including Barack and Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, BTS, LeBron James, and Megan Rapinoe over the next two months.

5 Philly Father Posts His Daily Dad Jokes In His Front Yard
hosing down dad
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"What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear," is a bad dad joke to some, but comedic relief for a neighborhood in Pennsylvania. 幸运飞艇信誉靠谱计划微信群 reported on Tom Schruben, who has begun posting his daily dad jokes on a whiteboard in his front yard. Sometimes they're from a book his daughter got him for Christmas, sometimes they're his own creations, but Tom always sits in his garage to watch neighbors pass the sign. "It gives me a reason to get up and get out in the morning early," he told the outlet. "It breaks up the day and gives me a little purpose. We look forward to it in the house."

6 Billy Porter Surprises a Frontline Nurse & Fan

A nurse treating patients on the front line of the pandemic got a much-needed pick-me-up when Good Morning America surprised her with an on-air call with Billy Porter. The Pose star choked up thanking her, saying her work with patients is"beyond special, it's beyond a gift."

7 Man Races 20.20 Miles To Raise Money For Grads Who Can't Afford Yearbooks

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It's a hard time for high school graduates, who don't get to celebrate milestones like prom and graduation. But reported on a man who's making one end-of-year milestone easier to achieve: buying a yearbook. Marathon runner Patrick Rodio raised $5,000 for graduating seniors at Collingswood High School to buy yearbooks.

幸运飞艇信誉靠谱计划微信群"We have a lot of students that it would be hard for them to buy a yearbook," Robert Lewandowski, a commissioner of the New Jersey town, told CNN. "Now you add the economical impact that the pandemic has caused with people losing their jobs and that obstacle of purchasing a yearbook is that much harder." So Rodio ran 20.20 miles and raised funds during the run via the fundraising site.

8 Mail Service Workers Show Continued Acts Of Kindness

幸运飞艇信誉靠谱计划微信群Like healthcare professionals and grocery store workers, postal workers are risking their lives on the job. While working, some employees across the country have extended their kindness further. A delivered birthday cupcakes to a little girl on his route and received dozens of messages from USPS workers after sending a heartfelt thank you note to her local mail carrier.

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